1 6 P F     C L I N I C A L   R E P O R T






Name:   Rich  Nolan

Date:     August 27,   1982


Sex:       Male



This confidential report is designed for use by appropriately qualified professionals. The presentation of information is compact and the language of the Report is technical.  It was not intended to be used for patient feedback.


For additional information about the Report and its contents, please refer to the “Manual for the Karson Clinical Report”, available through IPAT.


[This test was taken at the request of the late Dr. Charles Perroncel, a Litchfield minister-psychotherapist, in order to introduce him to this Karson testing process. The Report as reproduced here contains only the summary statements.]

Rich      Nolan                                                                   -2-                                                             August 27,    1982



He possesses excellent potential for developing an effective network of ego defenses and for dealing with others in a mature manner.  He is an unusually shrewd, poised, and sophisticated person who is skillful in manipulating others. He appears to be an unusually warm, frank, expressive, generous, cooperative person who is typically very sociable and friendly.  His capacity for abstract verbal skills appear to be high. He appears to be especially guilt prone and likely to worry unnecessarily at times.


He is somewhat below average in his concern for the standards of society and in group conformity and conventionality, but not markedly so. He is more critical and less conservative than the average person. This probably serves as an outlet for some of his hostile feelings.  High independent self-sufficiency is indicated, which is probably reflected in good work habits.  He is a relaxed person who shows little difficulty with anxiety.