Commentary on the Prayer Book

As of August, 2010, this Commentary is being translated into Polish by two European scholars at

To access the PDF file containing the Commentary ... as it appears on the Polish website, please click here.

“Commentary on the Prayer Book ‘Catechism’” is a series of units for adult education, especially for those seeking an introduction to the Christian Faith; it is suitable as a component of Baptism and Confirmation preparation within The Episcopal and possibly other Churches. The preparation of this material began in the 1980s while the writer was part-time pastor of Saint Paul's Parish, Bantam, CT. The final unit was completed in February, 2001.

Unit 1 - Human Nature

Unit 2 - God the Father

Unit 3 - The Old Covenant, The Ten Commandments, Sin & Redemption

Unit 4 - God the Son

Unit 5 - The New Covenant & the Creeds

Unit 6 - The Trinity, The Holy Spirit, & The Holy Scriptures

Unit 7 - The Church, The Ministry, Prayer & Worship

Unit 8 - The Sacraments & Holy Baptism

Unit 9 - The Holy Eucharist, Other Sacramental Rites, & the Christian Hope