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Richard T. Nolan 









Program Dates:           September 21-23, 1987

Career Counselor        Joseph Neville

Clinical Psychologist:  Beth E. Rhude









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Closing Case Summary       

Richard 1. Nolan

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1.         REFERRAL DATA


Richard T. Nolan is a 50-year-old Episcopal priest who participated in the Centerís two and one-half day Basic Career Evaluation.


Richard earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut in 1960. He earned a Master of Divinity degree at Hartford Seminary in 1963. In 1967, he earned a Master of Arts in Religion degree from Yale University and subsequently a Ph.D. from New York University in religious studies in 1973.





Richard is an only child. His father, a high school graduate, was the owner of a restaurant. He remembers his father as a very hard-working man, but one with whom he could not share his important personal issues. Richard found a great comfort in the knowledge that, in spite of their differences, he was able to physically and affectionately care for his father, as an adult. Richardís father died after a long battle with Alzheimerís in 1979.


Richardís relationship with his mother was warm and healthy. He recalls that during his early years, she was very nurturing. However, as with his father, Richard did not feel free to share his personal inclinations with his mother.


Richard recalls realizing with awe, the strength his mother displayed in single-handedly caring for his father over the five-year period of his illness, he was further struck by her devotion to him. His mother presently lives seasonally on the first floor of his apartment house. He has an enormous amount of respect for her.


Robert, who is Richardís best friend and companion, shares a warm and supportive relationship which they have nurtured for many years. They co-own their house in which they have lived for the past twenty years.





Richard is a man of superior resources. He is more at home in the world of ideas than in the hands-on, physical applications. He is intelligent, psycho≠logically aware, emotionally stable, and brings a rich academic background. He is engaging, energetic and highly articulate.


In the testing and interview process, Richard comes across as an introverted person whose attitude toward life is focused more comfortably on concepts and ideas, and he is quite comfortable working in a solitary fashion.


Richard is an innovative, creative, intuitive person, who is interested in a great number of things. He is interested in possibilities beyond what is present, seen or known. This does not mean that he is impractical, rather this speaks of a man who can very comfortably work on a variety of issues while maintaining focused directions and goals. 



Closing Case Sunmiary

Richard T. Nolan

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Decision-making for Richard is based on true/false or cause and effect dimensions, and they are arrived at logically and rationally. He tends to be intellectually critical and objective. He respects his emotions and feelings as factors to be weighed in any decision.


Psychologically, Richard is striving to bring a better sense of focus and harmony in his life. He has come to recognize that the variety of interests he entertains and the diversity of abilities he demonstrates lead him to a career that is multi-dimensional in focus. This has tended to help him better integrate his past and provide a clearer focus for his future.





In the world of ideas, Richard has an extent of resources and abilities that would allow him to be successful in most anything he decided to undertake. His motivational skills move him very assuredly into the Investigative, Social, Artistic and Enterprising themes: (1) His Investigative skills focus on developing ideas, writing and editing, perceptual abilities, and organizing and synthesizing data. (2) In the Social themes, he enjoys collaborating with people, defining and explaining, utilizing the language of writing and composing to help in that explanation. (3) The Artistic theme moves into the area of adapting and proving othersí ideas, being inventive and improvisational. (4) The Enterprising theme leads appropriately into the coordinating and persuading of people and the taking on of a leadership role.


All of these skills and interests would seem to indicate that a composite career would be extremely appropriate for Richard. He is presently engaged in such a career. It would seem to me that this diversity would afford Richard the opportunity to utilize the skills and interests and inclinations at least 90% of the time. Whereas originally there was a feeling of being fragmented and/or scattered, there now seems to be a sense of focus as he accepts the viability and appropriateness of a composite career. I would strongly concur with this observation.





We see Richard Nolan as a man with extraordinary abilities in many respects. He has the kind of personality strengths, experience and abilities to make a significant contribution in the variety of fields in which he is involved. We would encourage Richard to pursue the course he has set for himself. We see no major impediments to his moving ahead with his plans. We are satisfied that he has tested the important questions he has needed to have answered and that the outcome has been more than sufficient to support his resolve.




      Joseph Neville, Career Counselor