John Knox Village
Album 1a


Heritage Tower (our residence)


view from our 10th floor living room window southward toward Ft. Lauderdale


our ["attic" or "penthouse" ] apartment -
bay window (living room) and two bedroom windows (on the left)


Facing the picture - our apartment is in the first "column" to the right of the center entrance column.


Eastward from living room after a rainy period.


One of the Village's air conditioned "buses" about to turn left into our driveway to pick up residents. These buses (plus "on call" smaller, converted golf carts) circulate among residences for transportation to various campus locations, including the dining room (a 7 minute walk for us); on rainy or hot days the buses and carts are especially helpful to us. For those residents with any mobility problems, the provided on-campus transportation is essential. Additionally, the buses make scheduled trips off campus to pharmacies, grocery stores, the Post Office, etc. By appointment and for a small fee, Village sedans transport individuals to off campus medical appointments. Every need is met!

leaving our Heritage Tower residence for other buildings and finally the dining room